EU Ban Sounds the Death Knell for Halogen Bulbs


British consumers might start finding it more difficult to lay their hands on the halogen spotlight bulbs they’ve used for so long once their stockist’s supplies run out, thanks to an EU edict that has branded them “inefficient”. An EU ban on halogen and traditional incandescent bulbs has been in effect in Continental Europe for quite some time now and, later this year it goes even further, outlawing halogen bulbs such as candle and more traditionally-shaped bulbs, too.


How LEDs Can Help Reduce Your Environmental Impact


Contrary to popular belief, a “Carbon Footprint” is nothing to do with making the carpet all dirty after you’ve been walking in coal dust! No, a Carbon Footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that’s released into the atmosphere as a direct or indirect result of our everyday activities. These can be anything from driving the car to the shops to something as simple as switching on a light, so let’s have a look at ways that LEDs can reduce our Carbon Footprint and our impact on the environment…